Episode List

Listed are the names and production numbers of Babylon 5 episodes. Episodes are listed in chronological order (which does not match production order).

For each episode, click on the G for the Lurker's Guide information. Please note that the synopsis of an episode is a complete listing of events and can be considered spoiler information.

Pilot movie

GThe Gathering (PIL)

First season: Signs and Portents

GMidnight on the Firing Line (103)
GSoul Hunter (102)
GBorn to the Purple (104)
GInfection (101)
GThe Parliament of Dreams (108)
GMind War (110)
GThe War Prayer (107)
GAnd the Sky Full of Stars (106)
GDeathwalker (113)
GBelievers (105)
GSurvivors (111)
GBy Any Means Necessary (114)
GSigns and Portents (116)
GTKO (119)
GGrail (109)
GEyes (122)
GLegacies (115)
GA Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1 (120)
GA Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2 (121)
GBabylon Squared (118)
GThe Quality of Mercy (117)
GChrysalis (112)

Second season: The Coming of Shadows

GPoints of Departure (201)
GRevelations (202)
GThe Geometry of Shadows (203)
GA Distant Star (204)
GThe Long Dark (205)
GA Spider in the Web (206)
GSoul Mates (208)
GA Race Through Dark Places (207)
GThe Coming of Shadows (209)
GAll Alone In The Night (211)
GActs Of Sacrifice (212)
GHunter, Prey (213)
GThere All the Honor Lies (215)
GAnd Now For A Word (214)
GIn the Shadow of Z'ha'dum (217)
GKnives (216)
GConfessions and Lamentations (218)
GDivided Loyalties (220)
GThe Long, Twilight Struggle (219)
GComes the Inquisitor (221)
GA Fall of Night (222)

Third season: Point Of No Return

GMatters of Honor (301)
GConvictions (302)
GA Day in the Strife (303)
GPassing Through Gethsemane (305)
GVoices of Authority (304)
GDust to Dust (306)
GExogenesis (307)
GMessages From Earth (308)
GPoint of No Return (309)
GSevered Dreams (310)
GCeremonies Of Light And Dark (311)
GSic Transit Vir (313)
GA Late Delivery from Avalon (312)
GShip of Tears (314)
GInterludes and Examinations (315)
GWar Without End, Part One (316)
GWar Without End, Part Two (317)
GWalkabout (318)
GGrey 17 Is Missing (319)
GAnd the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (320)
GShadow Dancing (321)
GZ'ha'dum (322)

Fourth season: No Surrender, No Retreat

GThe Hour of the Wolf (401)
GWhat Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? (402)
GThe Summoning (403)
GFalling Toward Apotheosis (404)
GThe Long Night (405)
GInto The Fire (406)
GEpiphanies (407)
GThe Illusion of Truth (408)
GAtonement (409)
GRacing Mars (410)
GLines of Communication (411)
GConflicts of Interest (412)
GRumors, Bargains, and Lies (413)
GMoments of Transition (414)
GNo Surrender, No Retreat (415)
GThe Exercise of Vital Powers (416)
GThe Face of the Enemy (417)
GIntersections in Real Time (418)
GBetween the Darkness and the Light (419)
GEndgame (420)
GRising Star (421)
GThe Deconstruction of Falling Stars (501)

Fifth season: Wheel of Fire

GNo Compromises (502)
GThe Very Long Night of Londo Mollari (503)
GThe Paragon of Animals (504)
GA View from the Gallery (505)
GLearning Curve (506)
GStrange Relations (507)
GSecrets of the Soul (508)
GDay of the Dead (511)
GIn the Kingdom of the Blind (509)
GA Tragedy of Telepaths (510)
GPhoenix Rising (512)
GThe Ragged Edge (513)
GThe Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father (514)
GMeditations on the Abyss (515)
GDarkness Ascending (516)
GAnd All My Dreams, Torn Asunder (517)
GMovements of Fire and Shadow (518)
GThe Fall of Centauri Prime (519)
GWheel of Fire (520)
GObjects In Motion (521)
GObject at Rest (522)
GSleeping in Light (422)

Made for TV Movies

GIn the Beginning (TM2)
GThirdspace (TM1)
GRiver of Souls (TM3)
GA Call to Arms (TM4)


GWar Zone (C108)
GThe Long Road (C107)
GThe Well of Forever (C106)
GThe Path of Sorrows (C109)
GPatterns of the Soul (C110)
GRuling from the Tomb (C111)
GThe Rules of the Game (C112)
GAppearances and Other Deceits (C113)
GRacing the Night (C103)
GThe Memory of War (C102)
GThe Needs of Earth (C101)
GVisitors from Down the Street (C104)
GEach Night I Dream of Home (C105)

The Legend of the Rangers

GTo Live and Die in Starlight (TM5)

The Lost Tales

GVoices In The Dark (LT1)