SPOILER WARNING: The information contained within may present spoiler information if you have not read all Known Space stories. It is HIGHLY recommended that this guide be used as a reference AFTER the fact. I try not to provide spoilers, but sometimes the existence itself may be a spoiler, and in trying to cover something that spans centuries, sometimes it is unavoidable.

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Why the Encyclopedia? Why not? Actually, it came to me while rereading some of the Known Space stories that I was losing track of who did what, where places were, etc. Given my previous work on the Babylon 5 Encyclopedia and the recent rewrite to make it easier to maintain, and my ample reading time on my commute to and from work, I decided to give this a go. I couldn't find anything very complete on the Web already, so in 2001 I started this with it going online roughly in August of that year. Had I known before I started how much I'd have to put in here, I probably would have decided against it...

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