9/4/11: Another update in less than a year! Destroyer of Worlds is done. Closing in on 2500 entries, and recently passed a DECADE since I made it public.

4/21/11: What, an update?!? Yes, after more than a year, I finally included info for Juggler of Worlds. Lack of reading time, and then misplacing my notes didn't help. Only three books behind now... :)

3/7/10: Fleet of Worlds entries are done. Now to reading Juggler of Worlds.

3/3/10: Destiny's Forge is FINISHED. Fleet of Worlds should be done shortly.

1/10/10: Still working on Destiny's Forge. There was a LOT of info, and the holidays came quickly. I really need to rewrite the admin interface. About 200 entries today, now over 2200 entries.

11/10/09: Finally, I've begun indexing data from Destiny's Forge.

02/08/09: Yes, I'm late - like it's a surprise, but all the data for MKW XI is done. Unfortunately, MKW XII is out now...so I'm still 4 books behind. I have at least started Destiny's Forge.

11/24/08: Just heard from Destiny's Forge author Paul Chafe as well, who will be using the Encyclopedia as a resource for his next MKW story. His book is next to be read and indexed as well, just finishing the entry of MKW XI, which should be done by the end of the week.

10/19/08: Just a word of thanks to both Hal Colebatch and Edward M. Lerner (both KS authors) for their encouragement (and occasional corrections...) - it helps drive to get this thing updated...

10/13/08: Oy. Yes its been far too long. I underestimated how important taking a train was to my reading. I had several other books in the pipeline as well. But I finally got back to MKW XI after having stopped (and had to re-read from the beginning), and have the first three stories indexed in the Encyclopedia (now past 2000 entries at 2024). I hope to have the remainder done within a few weeks. Then I will only be 3 books behind. :(

2/26/06: MKW XI will make its way soon. I haven't finished reading it yet, and then I need to read it again to do the references. I don't take a train to work any more, so my reading time is pretty limited.
7/10/05: Yes, its been a year, But Ringworld's Children is in now.

9/17/03: Phew...MKW X is done.

9/3/03: It's been over a year, but Hal Colebatch has turned out 4 more MKW stories, and they are in process...

6/14/02: Well, it wasn't as hard as I thought. The "Niven Filter" has been added. Under the "Misc" heading in the entry list, you will see a "Show Niven-only" or "Show Non-Niven" link, depending on what mode you are in. Niven-only will display entries that appear in Niven stories. Non-Niven will include entries that appear only in stories by other authors. Non-Niven is the default.

6/13/02: Oh my. It's - done! The last two stories, those from MKW4, are now indexed, and that means that I'm finished - at least for now!!!! There are no known (at least to me) stories that have been published, but we all know there will be more - and Hal Colebatch (His Sergeant's Honor, Telepath's Dance, and The Colonel's Tiger) stopped by the site, helped me out on a couple of conections I missed, and let me know that there is definitely more MKW coming, with a few of his own already accepted!

I'll be taking a bit of a break, but I hope to get the Niven/non-Niven filter written soon, and then probably reprocess the database to keep everything clean (and maybe reorder the story ids so MKW4 comes before the others!)

Thanks for all the support! And Larry, if you are watching, I hope it meets with your approval!

6/6/02: Finally had the time to enter in The Handicapped, which concludes the "Niven Canon" stories. Now just the two from MKW4, and we're complete!!!

5/23/02: Sorry about the lack of updates...various things have left me with precious little time to enter data. I finally got The Ethics of Madness in - only 3 more stories to go.

5/1/02: Thanks to Curt Danhauser, I've actually read all the Known Space stories!!! I've already indexed "A Relic of the Empire" and "The Soft Weapon", and should have the other two from Neutron Star and the two from MKW4 done shortly.

If anyone knows of anything I'm missing, please let me know!!!

4/14/02: "Fly-by-Night" has been entered, finishing MKW9. Now, thanks to the tremendous donation of Neutron Star and MKW4 by Curt Danhauser, the only two books I lacked, the Encyclopedia will soon be finished...

3/28/02: Finally entered the third MKW9 story, "Windows of the Soul".

3/20/02: The second MKW9 story, "His Sergeants Honor", is now in. The others are ready - I just haven't had the time to enter them.

3/10/02: The last story from MKW8, "Slowboat Nightmare", and the first from MKW9, "Pele", are now in place.

3/5/02: Two more stories from MKW8 have been added, and the last should be tomorrow. MKW9 stories are also ready for entry when I have the time. I am now hunting down a used copy of Neutron Star for the missing stories.

2/24/02: After a brief hiatus, I'm updating things again. The first two storied of MKW8 are up, and the other two should follow shortly. I'm already halfway through MKW9, but I was on vacation last week and trying to get a lot of other things done...

1/28/02: All three stories from MKW7 are complete - over 1500 entires!!!! On to MKW8.

By the way, MKW9 is out in hardcover - check it out at the Bookstore of Known Space.

1/21/02: The Heroic Myth of Lieutenant Nora Argamentine and Trojan Cat from MKW6 are done, and I've already begun MKW7.

1/12/02: In the Hall of the Mountain King and Hey Diddle Diddle are now done. I'm most of the way through the Argmentine story in MKW6, so that should be ready soon.

1/8/02: I am in the process of adding In the Hall of the Mountain King, but it is slow going. MKW V should be entered by the end of the week.

12/30/01: Madness Has Its Place, The Asteroid Queen, and Inconstant Star have been added. Since I don't currently have MKW IV, on to V.

12/9/01: The Children's Hour has now been entered. On to book 3.

12/8/01: Cathouse and Briar Patch, the two Dean Ing "Zoo" stories, have been entered.

11/30/01: Iron is done, and the next three stories are ready to go. I will be taking a bit of a break from the books to read the third B5 Techno-Mage novel, then I'll get back to them...

11/28/01: Finally getting around to adding the MKW stuff, starting with Iron. I still plan on having a MKW/Non-MKW option, but I want to get data entered before implementing.

11/19/01: A Gift From Earth is finished - making ~960 entries (don't have exact count because of the way it is stored right now). Now on to the non-Niven MKW books that I have. Iron is already to go, possibly tomorrow.

11/15/01: World of Ptavvs is complete, and A Gift From Earth is ready to be entered. Then it is on to the MKW books.

11/12/01: I've started entering World of Ptavvs but I haven't yet finished. Hopefully within a couple of days.

11/06/01: The Ringworld Throne has been added. Whew - that was the biggest single addition so far! I'm almost finished with A Gift From Earth, and World of Ptavvs is waiting to be entered, hopefully within the next week. Then it is on to the Man-Kzin Wars books at last. I'm thinking of having an option that allows you to include or not include the MKW stuff, depending on what you think is canon. I also need to put together a list of missing stories to see if some of you kind souls out there might be able to get them for me...like Man-Kzin Wars IV

11/01/01: The Ringworld Engineers is finished, and I've got notes for The Ringworld Throne and World of Ptavvs already done, just need time to enter them. I've got more time to read than I do to enter data right now...

10/30/01: I've begun entering data for The Ringworld Engineers and The Ringworld Throne, but it will take some time...

10/01/01: "Vandervecken" and "Protector" (Protector) have been indexed. Next up is The Ringworld Engineers.

9/28/01: "Phssthpok" (Protector) has been indexed. I've already completed "Vandervecken", but haven't had time to enter the data yet.

9/20/01: "Ringworld" has been indexed. It was a tough one, because quite a lot may change when adding the other two books. I'm going to take a break from the Ringworld series and do Protector next.

9/10/01: "The Woman in Del Rey Crater" has been indexed, completing Flatlander. Next up will probably be Ringworld, so it will be at least a week.

9/7/01: "Patchwork Girl" has been indexed, and "The Woman in Del Rey Crater" should be done soon, which finishes Flatlander.

9/5/01: "ARM" has been indexed.

8/31/01: "The Defenseless Dead" has been indexed.

8/30/01: The "search by story" feature is finished and available from the SEARCH selection

8/29/01: The first story from Flatlander has been indexed, "Death by Ecstasy"

I plan an adding a "search by story" feature, but I need to reorganize the database structures.

8/28/01: This page will contain various notes giving you an update on status.

I'm finishing up indexing the last stories of Crashlander, and will be starting Flatlander. I'm going for the collections first to get the broadest base of info, then I will hit the Ringworld novels and such.

Some inconsitencies so far: The gas giant Jinx orbits was called "Primary" in the first story I read ("The Borderland of Sol"), but it was called "Binary" in a couple of other stories that may actually predate it. I'm changing the entry to be "Binary", but leaving the note attached.

It was previously mentioned that Carlos Wu was one of 60 people with unlimited birthrights. In "Procrustes", it was 120, so I just gave a range in his entry.

Also in "Procrustes", Trinocs are mentioned by Feather Filip. However, Trinocs are supposedly not even discovered until Louis Wu went out in "There is a Tide" quite a few years later. Perhaps the ARM knew of them already, and didn't tell anyone?

If you notice any errors in links, content, etc., please e-mail me with as much information (where the error is, etc.) as you can provide.