Flick a Booger in Your Neighbor's Stew

Base Game: Standard 7-Card Stud
Wild cards: Yes
Created by: Richard Boccuzzi
Submitted by: Richard Boccuzzi

The hand is dealt as standard 7-Card Stud. 6's are wild, called Stew. 4's are called Boogers, but are not wild (they still count as 4's in suit).

If Stew is dealt face up, it is "uncovered", and thus can have a Booger flicked in it, making it non-wild (it returns to a 6 in suit).

If Stew is dealt face down, then it is "covered", and thus cannot have a Booger flicked in to it.

Only face-up Boogers are available for flicking, and a Booger can only be flicked once. After being flicked, it returns to a 4 in suit).

The hand initiates as normal 7-Card Stud with two cards dealt down and one face up to each player. Before betting begins for each round, the lowest hand with a face up Booger has the option to flick it into any face up Stew on the board, if any, or to pass this round.

If a player flicks a Booger, then the Stew flicked is no longer wild (returning to a 6 in suit), the Booger is used (returning to a 4 in suit) and the "Flicker" has the option to take any face up card from the "Flickee". The Flicker can take the 6 or 4 back, but they are not special cards any more.

Flicking proceeds to the next highest hand. When no further flicking occurs, betting commences. Then deal the next up card and repeat, such that there is a total of 4 up cards. Afterwards, a final down card is dealt to each player, and final betting occurs. NO FLICKING is allowed on the last round - it must be done after the last up card is dealt.


Jokers can be added as extra Stew. If a Joker is flicked, then it reverts to a "null" card, and cannot be used in a hand.

Any cards could be used as Stew and Boogers.

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