Criss Cross

Base Game: Non-Standard Poker
Wild cards: Yes
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill

Each player is dealt 4 cards down, and 5 cards are dealt face down on the table in a cross pattern so that there is three in a row and a column.

The cross are Community cards - a player can use EITHER the row, or the column, in their hand, not both. The center card, and all cards matching it in rank, are Wild.

The Dealer flips one of outside cards, either from the row or column (the middle card is always flipped last), and a round of betting occurs. Then the Dealer flips another card - if the first card was from the row, then flip a column card, and vice versa. Then bet. Continue until the center card is all that remains, then flip that (the center card is Wild). Then a last round of betting.

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