General Definitions

Here is just a listing of some general definitions to understand what we talk about.

Poker refers to any game, regardless of the number of cards or how it is dealt, which uses the standard poker "winning hand" hierarchy - 5 of a kind beats straight flush beats 4 of a kind, etc.

Stud Poker refers to a poker game in which players are dealt a fixed number of cards, and generally do not have the option to change cards, although variations may allow this.

Draw Poker refers to a poker game in which players may trade cards in to the dealer for new ones.

A Hidden Hand means that the player does not have any cards revealed until the end of the hand (such as Draw Poker).

A Blind Hand means that the player does not look at his dealt hand initially (such as Night Baseball or Night Chaos).

The Rank of a card is the value, such as 5, Queen, or Ace.

The Suit of a card is the shape of the pips on the card - one of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds or Clubs.

The Hole are your cards that are dealt face-down, or hidden from other players.

A Death card is any card which forces the player with that card to lose the hand, UNLESS they can bluff out all other players who do not have a Death card.

Community cards are cards on the table that all players are allowed to use in their hand.

A Face card is a Jack, Queen or King.

To Fold a hand is to quit a game.

The Wheel is whether an Ace can be used as low in a Straight. If the "Wheel is Good", then Ace,2,3,4,5 is a valid Straight, albeit the lowest possible.

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