Happy Murder Manslaughter

Base Game: Standard 7-Card Stud
Wild cards: Yes
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill

Basically this is a combination of the Happy, Murder, and Manslaughter rules. The hand is dealt as standard 7-Card Stud with Jokers.

Each player chooses their own Wild card, by Rank only ("Happy" rule). At any point during the hand they receive that card, it is Wild.

A particular player's Wild card, when received face up by the player to their left, causes that player to fold immediately ("Murder" rule). For example, Player 2 has chosen "6" as their Wild card. If Player 2 receives a 6 either face up or down, it is Wild. It is not Wild for any other player. However, if Player 3, who is to Player 2's left, receives a 6 face up, Player 3 "dies" and must fold immediately.

If a player receives a Joker at any time, it is passed to the player to their right, and that player must fold immediately ("Manslaughter" rule). The card is not replaced. For example, if Player 2 receives a Joker, face up or down, it is handed to Player 1 (to the right) and Player 1 folds. Player 2 plays short 1 card.

After each round in which players are eliminated, the circle is "condensed". If as in the first example Player 3 was eliminated, Player 4 can now be killed by a 6 face up.

An entire round MUST be dealt before dealing with any Murder or Manslaughter occurances, which happen simultaneously at the end of the round and before betting.


Cascade - We experimented with this, with some odd effects. Basically, when a player is eliminated, the circle is condensed and everyone's up cards are re-evaluated to see if the new left-hand player should also die. For instance, if Player 4 already had a 6 face up, and Player 3 was eliminated as in the first example, Player 4 would also be eliminated.

We actually had a case where all players were eliminated in a single round.


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