Jacks or Better to Open

Base Game: Standard 5-Card Draw
Wild cards: Optional
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill
The hand is dealt as standard 5-Card Draw.

The first betting round proceeds with the Player to the Dealer's left. The Player can either pass, or "Open" the bet with an amount. In order to Open the bet, the Player must have a hand of a Pair of Jacks or higher. If the Player passes, then it moves to the left. If all Players pass, the game is redealt by the next Player, and all Players Ante again.

Otherwise the game proceeds as normal for 5-Card Draw.


Trips to Win

At the end of the second round, a Player can only win if they have a hand of Three of a Kind or higher. If no Player remaining in the game has a winning hand, the hand is redealt among remaining Players who must Ante again. If a Player has folded their hand prior to this, they are also out of all future rounds until the game is resolved.


Start with the Trips to Win rules. If the Player who opens the bet is not the one who won the hand, that Player must put back into the Pot the value won, and the game continues with a new deal.

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