Follow the Queen

Base Game: Standard 7-Card Stud
Wild cards: Yes
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill

The hand is dealt as standard 7-Card Stud.

If a Queen comes face up, then the rank of the next card dealt up is wild. For instance, if a Queen is dealt up, and then a 5, then all 5's are wild.

Only 1 rank may be wild at any time. If another Queen comes up, then the previous rank is no longer wild.

If a Queen is the last card dealt up in the last up round, then no cards are wild.


Jokers can be added, and have the effect of a Queen for determining the next wild card. Jokers can either be null cards or wild themselves (given a bonus to the person who got it).

Any rank could be used in place of the Queen.

A dummy hand or an initial flip from the deck can be used previous to the person to the left of the dealer to offset a disadvantage - that person can only have 3 of their 4 up cards preceded by a Queen otherwise.

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