Roll Your Own

Base Game: Standard 7-Card Stud
Wild cards: Yes
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill

This is a variation of Low Card in the Hole 7-Card Stud, in that your lowest ranked Hole (down) card is wild. The difference is that you have the opportunity to alter your down cards as play progresses.

Each player is dealt three cards down. Players look at their cards, select one to be turned over, and simultaneously turn them to reveal one up card. Betting proceeds as in 7-Card Stud. For three more rounds, each player is dealt one more down card, and a selection is made as before, resulting in a total of 4 up cards. Then one last card is dealt down.


Buy-Up - An option is usually placed to allow a person to pay a "fee" to have the last card up rather than down.

Roll Your Neighbor's - Same as before, but instead of rolling your own, the player to your left or right (decided by the dealer at start) rolls a random card from your hand.

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