Screw Your Neighbor

Base Game: Non-Poker
Wild cards: No
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Pat Enderson

Each Player puts 3 "bets" of a fixed size in front of them. This is their liability for the game.

The Dealer gives each Player one card. Card values are Ace low, King high. There are no Jokers in the game.

The Player to the Dealer's left goes first. Each Player in turn gets to decide if they wish to keep their current card, or swap the card with the Player on their left. If the active Player decides to swap, the Player to their left CANNOT refuse, unless they are holding a King. In that case, they flip the King up, and the active Player is stuck with their card. Play continues until the Dealer, who has the option of trading for the top card of the deck. This does give the Dealer an advantage.

At the end of the round, all players turn up their card. The lowest ranked card loses, and the owner(s) of that card must move one "bet" into the Pot.

Deal continues to the left. The game ends when only one Player still has a bet in front of them. That player wins the Pot. If no one is left (due to all remaining Players losing at the same time), split the pot among those players that were remaining on the last round, or redeal the round.


The Dealer may switch with the Player to his left, instead of the deck.

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