Between the Sheets

Base Game: Non-Poker
Wild cards: No
Created by: Unknown
Submitted by: Brian O'Neill

Some variations of this are called "Acey-Deucy" or "In-Between".

Each Player puts in a larger than normal Ante (typically 4xAnte). The deck is shuffled, then the Dealer deals two cards on the table (the "Posts"). The Player to the Dealer's left can bet any portion of the Pot that the next card if revealed has a rank between the Posts. Typically the Posts are dealt one on each side, then if a bet is made the card is dealt between the Posts on the table.

If an Ace is revealed as a Post, the Player gets to call the Ace high (above a King) or low (below a 2). Note that in the case of the first Post, the Player must call high or low BEFORE the second Post is revealed, so don't deal too quickly.

If two identical Posts come up (other than Ace-Ace, since they can be different), then that Player gets two new Posts.

If the Player passes, the card is not turned up, but instead is one of two new cards placed on the table for the next player.

If the Player bets, and the card is between (non-inclusive) the Posts, the Player takes what they bet from the Pot. If it is outside the Posts, then the Player puts into the Pot an amount equal to the bet. If the third card is equal to a Post ("hitting the Post"), the Player pays DOUBLE the bet into the Pot. If a Player gets the dreaded Ace-Ace-Ace combination (Aces for the Posts, and an Ace for the third), then they must pay TRIPLE the bet into the Pot.

If the two Posts are the last two cards from the current deck, then the Player has a choice to keep the Posts and get the third card from a fresh deck, or pass. If you run out of cards, reshuffle the deck and continue.

Play rotates among the players (Dealer included) until no money remains in the Pot.


To let the game go a decent time and give everyone at least a draw, usually we limit the bet on the first deck to that of the original Ante. After the first deck, you may bet up to the entire Pot.

In some (and perhaps the most common) variations, an Ace as the second post is always High. Therefore, if an Ace on the first post is called High first, and a second Ace comes up, then there is no room in between and the player should pass.

The form known as alternately "Acey-Deucy" or "In-Between" is basically the same, except Aces are always High.

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