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Note: Wow! This page has been untouched for almost 5 years, and I still get questions! I would have thought some other web site would have come along and replaced me. I guess I should look into some serious updating. After all, I don't even have Texas Hold'Em on here yet!!!

This site is put together just as a resource for people looking for new and different poker games. If you've got a fun game or variation, send it to us and we may add it.

This is NOT a gambling site!

It should be noted that these games are for FUN, and for minimal betting (poker without the threat of loss isn't very exciting). We don't play for high stakes - nickel and dime are more our speed - we are in it for the fun factor. Thus, a serious poker player might not find anything to his liking here. We often use wild cards, which aggravate the serious player. After all, why do they include Jokers in a deck if you're not going to use them??

Some of the games may be common, but we may have added some interesting twists as well.

So, on with the fun!!!

General rules

Seven-Card Stud variations

Five-Card Stud variations

Five-Card Draw variations

Non-Standard Poker games

Other Non-Poker games

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